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Float Colors Collection Mom and Baby Jane
-25 %
Brand: Jané
Practical baby child float accessible mom or dad. You can bathe your baby by your side in a comfortable and fun way. It includes support and harness for complete safety and comfort of the baby. Baby float is 28 cm in diameter in the harness where it gets to the child. Mom or dad can put the float at..
29.90€ 39.90€
Float Float evolutionary Baby Jane
--35 %
Brand: Jané
Super float to swim with | your baby to swim with your baby. | Features: | - Includes play arch with balls. | - inflatable backup. | - Floater with 28 cm in diameter. | - Safety harness. | - The adult area can be adjusted to the waist. Recommended age: from recommended use | 6 months | float Measure..
37.00€ 27.50€
Nasal aspirator
-41 %
Brand: Jané
Nasal aspirator for babies Saro brand. Is soft, flexible plastic, designed not to damage the baby's nostrils. Why we need a nasal aspirator? In order to keep the airways free of mucus baby so we can avoid complications with colds or flus. We can easily remove mucus from airway hygienically and effic..
23.50€ 39.90€
Biberon Nocolic 160 Jané
-61 %
Brand: Jané
Anti-colic bottle cannula therein. Designed to prevent the baby swallowing air at the time of suction, reducing the maximum the risk of colic. . Its unique inner valve eliminates the vacuum effect and eliminates air bubbles to help digestion of your baby. Suitable from birth of the baby. 100% free B..
6.50€ 16.50€
Biberones in September 250ml Chromatic Line Jané
-52 %
Brand: Jané
Practical set of two ergonomic bottles with funny drawings of owls | and birds in green and blue colors. · | From 0 months. · | Set of two bottles with | 2 nipples, one of latex and silicone stopper salvagota. · | 100% Free | Bisphenol..
11.90€ 25.00€
Camper travel cot Hi Be Cool Spring
-38 %
Brand: Jané
Practical travel cot with two mattress heights (the highest level for the first months of the baby and the lowest height to use as it grows) Ideally for use in traveling or second homes. Once a folded occupies very little space. It includes carrying bag and bow butterfly games with stuffed animals a..
75.00€ 120.00€
Chromatic Line Jané 125ml bottle
-54 %
Brand: Jané
Jané ergonomic bottle with pretty blue and green. Contains 2 teats fast flow: one silicone and other natural latex 100% Bisphenol A. Suitable free from birth of the baby. Capacity: 125ml...
6.50€ 14.00€
Jané chilled teether phone
Best Seller -53 %
Brand: Jané
Teether shaped phone brand Jané. It is specially designed to ease the discomfort of the baby in its teething period. | You can refrigerate for baby note more relief in your gums when mordiesquee. | (Made with non-toxic materials (EVA and ABS), the interior is sterile water)..
4.90€ 10.40€
Line 250 ml bottle Chromatic Jané
-54 %
Brand: Jané
Jané ergonomic bottle with pretty blue and green. Contains 2 teats fast flow: one silicone and other natural latex 100% Bisphenol A. Suitable free from birth of the baby. Capacity: 250ml...
6.50€ 14.00€
Park-travel cot and Play Room Hi Be Cool Spring
-30 %
Brand: Jané
Practical park-crib Mark's Square Be Cool with padded base where your baby can play or rest on each or during the holidays because thanks to its carrying case and compact folding we can easily move from one place to another takes up very little space. | Hi Spring model has a cheerful and colorful fu..
65.00€ 93.50€
Rainbow carousel musical Jané
-58 %
Brand: Jané
Funny musical carousel with remote control Jané. Fun carrillón dual effect on the turn (revolve and rotate the stuffed individually turn within the orbit of the chime). With recorder to record the voice of parents and volume control. A nice gift with which we can entertain our baby while in the cri..
24.90€ 59.90€
Sack for group 0 Moom Jané Brown
-43 %
Brand: Jané
Sack 0 Moom Jané group is made with the best fabric and has a unisex design with shades of brown and beige. It will protect your baby and will bring warmth and comfort needed during the coldest winter months. | Universal measure, valid for all groups 0. | Exterior waterproof, breathable and very war..
36.90€ 65.00€
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