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Float Colors Collection Mom and Baby Jane
-23 %
Brand: Jané
Practical baby child float accessible mom or dad. You can bathe your baby by your side in a comfortable and fun way. It includes support and harness for complete safety and comfort of the baby. Baby float is 28 cm in diameter in the harness where it gets to the child. Mom or dad can put the float at..
36.00€ 47.00€
Float Float evolutionary Baby Jane
--35 %
Brand: Jané
Super float to swim with | your baby to swim with your baby. | Features: | - Includes play arch with balls. | - inflatable backup. | - Floater with 28 cm in diameter. | - Safety harness. | - The adult area can be adjusted to the waist. Recommended age: from recommended use | 6 months | float Measure..
37.00€ 27.50€
Isofix car seat I-Size Gravity Soil Jané
-30 %
Brand: Jané
Chair | auto Gravity Soil Jane's. Two positions in a single installation. Super | car seat that subject to the new rules I-Size compelling place baby | in the opposite direction to the march at the least until 15 months (40 to 104 | cm) and sense in favor of the march from 15 months to 104 cm | heig..
316.00€ 449.00€
Brand: Jané
Nasal aspirator for babies Saro brand. Is soft, flexible plastic, designed not to damage the baby's nostrils. Why we need a nasal aspirator? In order to keep the airways free of mucus baby so we can avoid complications with colds or flus. We can easily remove mucus from airway hygienically and effic..
21.00€ 21.60€
Baby monitors 2-channel bit Jané Sincro
-12 %
Brand: Jané
Super | Jané baby monitor brand, model Synchro Bit. It has a large | transmission range (200 meters in open space) | Practical baby monitor Synchro model bit Jané with it you can control | your baby at all times, also has a powerful transmission (200 | meters in open space) It has availability of fr..
44.00€ 49.99€
Bath inflatable 3 positions Jané
-40 %
Brand: Jané
Practice inflatable tub 3 positions Jané mark. The bathtub is very easily swells and is ready to use in no time. Why buy a portable inflatable bathtub ?. It is a very useful accessory to use during the holidays or a second residence and takes up very little space and weighs very little. It is made o..
29.90€ 49.90€
Biberon Nocolic 160 Jané
-21 %
Brand: Jané
Anti-colic bottle cannula therein. Designed to prevent the baby swallowing air at the time of suction, reducing the maximum the risk of colic. . Its unique inner valve eliminates the vacuum effect and eliminates air bubbles to help digestion of your baby. Suitable from birth of the baby. 100% free B..
13.00€ 16.50€
Brand: Jané
Practical set of two ergonomic bottles with funny drawings of owls | and birds in green and blue colors. · | From 0 months. · | Set of two bottles with | 2 nipples, one of latex and silicone stopper salvagota. · | 100% Free | Bisphenol..
14.00€ 14.30€
Board of Nurse universal platform
-15 %
Brand: Jané
Super universal platform model Board | Nurse. Why buy a platform or Transporting is a perfect accessory to carry a |? Second child standing on the scooter that is anchored to the stroller or | baby stroller. Adaptable | strollers width of chassis 32, 5-43 cm and a diameter tube | 17-27 mm Children f..
50.00€ 58.60€
Camper travel cot Hi Be Cool Spring
-15 %
Brand: Jané
Practical travel cot with two mattress heights (the highest level for the first months of the baby and the lowest height to use as it grows) Ideally for use in traveling or second homes. Once a folded occupies very little space. It includes carrying bag and bow butterfly games with stuffed animals a..
102.00€ 120.00€
Car seat with Isofix Montecarlo R1 Black
-17 %
Brand: Jané
Montecarlo R1 model Black is a car seat multi-group designed to adapt to the child at every stage of their growth thanks to its comprehensive regulation that is easily adapted both high and wide for comfort and safety of a possible collision. | In addition the shape of the car seat is ergonomic, tha..
148.00€ 179.00€
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