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Brand: Kiwisac
Beautiful and fun universal bag for stroller baby KIWISAC model Vikings brand. | It is gray and the footmuff has children's illustration of a Viking originals. | Fits seamlessly to any stroller of the market thanks to its universal measures. | Features of the footmuff: | Dimensions: 94 x 45 cm..
70.00€ 75.00€
Footmuff Universal Vikings
-21 %
Brand: Kiwisac
Universal Winter muff for stroller baby the Pirates collection of KIWISAC. | It has a very original design and fun in highlighting some nice drawings of pirates. | The interior fabric is polar, to ensure that the baby is always well protected from the cold. | Features of the footmuff: | Dimensions: ..
63.00€ 79.90€
The Pirates Boy Nursery backpack boy KIWISAC
-20 %
Brand: Kiwisac
Original backpack model KIWISAC The Pirates Boy with an original and divertivo design with an ideal environment for the child in daycare or use your excursions in size. The backpack has padded and adjustable straps, is made with durable materials and high quality and at the rear has a small plastici..
22.50€ 28.00€
Thermal bag Tedi The Pirates Girl
-14 %
Brand: Kiwisac
Thermal bag-backpack practice of The Pirates Girl KIWISAC collection. Why buy a thermal bag ?. This type of accessories are ideal to carry baby food at hand and at the ideal temperature when you're away from home. The Pirates Girl model is black and red with embroidered picture of a cute pirate girl..
28.00€ 32.50€
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