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Ok Baby

Onda Baby Bath Ok Baby Glitter
--45 %
Brand: Ok Baby
Pretty baby bath model Glitter Ok Baby Onda. Here you can bathe the baby from 0 to 12 months. It's a bathtub with ergonomic bucket, very compact and lightweight which also has a nice glossy finish glitter available | in blue.   It includes: Plug for easy emptying the tub Thermometer and maximum..
29.00€ 19.99€
Shower bath seat Opla White Transparent
-22 %
Brand: Ok Baby
You have shower and you're looking for a convenient and practical solution to bathe your baby? This practice bucket seat or baby bath Opla model of the Italian brand can be placed both inside shower trays and bathtubs. The ergonomic seat is wide and spacious and has screw cap to facilitate emptyin..
44.00€ 56.50€
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